How can I help my children to learn their spellings?

Your child will be taught a variety of strategies to learn their spellings. They can use the spelling strategy that they find most successful. The strategies we are teaching are:

Look, cover, write, check

  1. Look at the word
  2. Cover it up.
  3. Write the word
  4. Check the spelling
  5. If mis-spelt, try again
  6. Check the spelling

Chunking by syllables

  1. Look at the word
  2. Clap to find out how many syllables are in the word EG consider has three syllables con…sid…er
  3. Write one syllable at a time. Your child may use the phonics to help them if suitable.

Finding spelling patterns

  1. Look at the list of spellings
  2. What is the same? EG they all end in –ly
  3. Children then learn the root word (the part that is different) and add on the spelling pattern.

Looking at the shape of the words

For some children, they find learning spellings easier when they can differentiate by the shape of length of the word.

Below is the complete spelling booklet that was provided by teachers during the September Parents' Consultation days.

Parents Spelling Booklet