Technology is now an important and integral part of our lifestyles. In this rapidly changing world, we need to equip children with the necessary skills to explore, research, present and analyse information. We want our pupils to use technology to express themselves and develop their ideas in a safe and appropriate way. When they leave our school, we need them to be suitably equipped to be able to move forward with their learning in Secondary school, support social communication and equip them with the skills for future success in the workplace.

At Ashby Fields, computing is taught through discreet lessons using the ‘Purple Mash’ scheme. Through these lessons, children will cover knowledge and skills in depth for each topic as they move through the school. Topics covered include: coding and computational thinking, spreadsheets, internet and email, art and design, music, database and graphing, writing and presenting and communication and networks.

Online safety is a key topic that will be taught throughout the teaching of computing. Where appropriate, computing skills are embedded in the wider curriculum.

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