9 October 2020

Good afternoon
Individual School Photographs
Weather permitting, photographers will be taking the children’s individual portraits on Friday 16th October. The pictures will be taken outside to ensure we adhere to our covid risk assessment. 
Mobile Phones
Please make sure your mobile phones are tucked away when you drop off and collect children to support our safeguarding policy, thank you.
Flu Immunisations 
The NHS will be administering flu immunisations at school on Monday 2nd November. You will be asked to give your consent if you wish your child to be given the immunisation. If your child happens to be absent from school on that date there will be catch up clinics on offer.
Please ensure your child has a coat with them every day. We can have unexpected showers and we don’t want children to miss out on their precious break times.
Year 6 Secondary School Applications
There is a letter on the Year 6 class pages of the school website containing information for the children’s transfer to secondary school.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

Jacqui Johnson