2 October 2020

Greetings on this very wet afternoon.

Cold and Wet Weather Arrangements

It seems as though the summer is well and truly over and the weather is not being very kind. With this in mind please ensure your child has a waterproof coat and plenty of layers of clothing on. Our covid guidance means we have to ensure classrooms are well ventilated meaning classroom doors and windows will be left open. We don't want your children to get cold so please ensure they are appropriately dressed. 

School Uniform

Despite the layers we expect to see children in uniform and not brightly coloured hoodies please. That also applies to PE kit, please stick to the uniform policy, thank you.

Lost Property

We have a mountain of lost property which has not been marked with a child's name, making it almost impossible to return. Please make sure your child's uniform is labelled thank you. 

Old School Uniform

If you have any uniform, in good condition, which you no longer need, we can put it to good use. We would be really grateful if you pop it in a bag and hand it to your class teacher. 

Current drop off and collection arrangements

We have some parents who are using the wrong gate to access their child's classroom, this means they are cutting across other bubbles. Please use your assigned gate, even if it takes longer, so we can keep everyone as safe as possible. 


Social media and social networking is often essential to young people’s lives – it’s how they keep in touch and communicate with friends, family and schoolmates.

Personal mobile devices mean that children and young people can be active on social media anywhere and at any time. This can provide new opportunities for children and young people to learn and express themselves. But it can also present risks, including:

We are hearing many children in school talking about using inappropriate sites such as Tik Tok.  If your child is under 13 years of age, (that is all the pupils at Ashby Fields), they should not be using social media sites. Please ensure there are appropriate parental locks on your electronic devices. If you need support with this please talk to our Family Support Worker Emma Mudge who will be happy to help you. 

 Please remember if you have any safeguarding concerns that have occurred out of school please contact the MASH team via the northamptonshire.gov.uk website. I am the school's safeguarding officer and you may contact me by email or phone with any concerns about a child in school. You are also able to contact Gemma Harvey, Jo Kane or Caroline Grant who are all designated safeguarding leads.

Stick your wellies on and enjoy splashing in some puddles this weekend.


best wishes

Jacqui Johnson.