24 September 2020

We nurture, inspire and empower your children to be the best they can be.

As we reach the half-way point of the term and reflect I think we should all feel proud that we have managed to get the children back to school and they are settled and working hard.  Our Student Council had a socially distanced meeting and gave some feedback on their peers' thoughts and feelings about school, here are some of their words:

"Being back at school was super dooper fun and better than being at home all day"

"It's good to be back in school and children like seeing their friends again."

"Everyone likes eating in class and the weekly assemblies on zoom...They like learning and having to work hard"

Whilst the children said they don't like not being able to mix with other year groups and some of the "awkward new rules" they said they understood why and teachers were being helpful.

Health and Safety

With the rise in cases of covid I am ever mindful of keeping staff and children safe so we may keep the school open. We have made the decision that from Monday staff will be wearing masks as parents arrive to both drop off and collect children. Rest assured the vast majority of staff will not be wearing masks during lessons. I would ask that parents also support us by wearing masks on school grounds and maintaining 2m social distancing. Please don't forget to email your class teacher rather than talk to them at the classroom door and do not be offended if they remind you of this. We want to be here for your children so please help us to make that possible. 

When dropping off your child in the mornings, please wait for the teacher to check their temperature and give you the thumbs up before leaving.

We would be very grateful if you could remind your child to go to the toilet before you head off to school in the mornings. We are struggling to manage early morning toilet trips and it really negatively impacts on lessons, thank you.

Cooler Weather

Our covid regulations require us to keep classroom doors and windows open to ventilate the rooms. So please ensure your child has plenty of layers of clothing on. We will allow children to wear their coat in class if they are cold. 

Dolce Lunches

With the cooler weather upon us we are keen to provide the children with a hot meal. Dolce have been very creative and devised a method of packaging which will allow the meals to be safely delivered to the classrooms. Those of you who already had meals booked may have received a cancellation notice, this is because of the change in menu so please revisit the Live Kitchen website and re-select your child's meals, thank you.

Census Day

On Thursday 1st October it is school's census day. Our meal funding for the year is based on the number of free school meals booked on that day. All children in Reception and Years One and Two are entitled to free meals so I would be very grateful, if your child is eligible, if you would book a meal for your child for the !st. Your child does not have to eat the meal but it would make a huge difference to our funding, thank you. 

Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time, it is much appreciated.

Wishing you a very happy weekend.

Jacqui Johnson