3 September 2020

Good morning and welcome back to school. Thank you so much for your patience this morning as we worked through our new procedures. It was always going to be a challenge welcoming 400+ children back to school in a safe, orderly way. We will endeavour to speed up the children's entry into classrooms tomorrow by creating one way systems and avoiding conversation at the door. If there are any queries for class teachers please email them. We will allow parents with more than one child at the school to move around the playground rather than moving to the next gate. 

It became apparent that some parents had not read the newsletter and therefore turned up at the wrong time and in the wrong place. This caused problems and therefore I would be grateful if you could turn up on time rather than early, going forward. One parent dropping off rather than two or more would help with crowing on the playground. 

Please check the news letter so you are familiar with both drop off and collection times, thank you.

We look forward to a smoothly start to tomorrow morning.

best wishes

Jacqui Johnson

Posted by Jacqui